Brunch Menu

Brunch is served Sat &  Sun from 10 am to 3 pm

Light menu is served from 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Dinner begins at 4:30 pm




Soup of the Day ...$4/$8

Tassione Faems Babylettuce- toasted pumpkin seeds, chevre, watermelon radish & shallot confit ...$8


La Perla Burrata- quick pickled red beet, fennel & spring onions ...$13


Cornbread Pansanella- pulled chicken, garden vegetables, jalepeño ranch ...$12


Mescal Shrimp Cocktail- horseradish panna cotta & house-made saltines ...$13






Breakfast- bacon, leeks & J&H farm eggs ...$14


Red Wine Crimini Mushrooms- goat cheese mornay & green garlic ...$14


Sausage- banana peppers ...$14


Twigs & Branch- wild arugula, caprino chevre & roasted grapes ...$14                   






Brown Butter Granola- greek yogurt, ginger berry compote & coconut gelato ...$7                   


Egg Sandwich- scrambled eggs, roasted poblano, arugula & bacon ...$9                  


House Smoked Turkey Sandwich- cheddar, bacon, arugula, avacado mayo & pickeled pepper relish ...$9


French Toast “Cakes"- seasonal berries & maple syrup ...$9


Oysters & Eggs- crispy gulf oysters, bacon-cheddar frittata & creole remoulade ...$12


Iron Skillet Quiche- arrugula, shallot confit & DMC goat cheese ...$11 


Buttermilk Biscuits- chorizo gravy & J&H fried eggs ...$12                        


Teresa’s Chilaquiles - fingerling potatoes, queso fresco & pico de gallo ...$11

                                       - add chroizo or grilled chicken ...$15                     


Brunch Burger- sharp cheddar, bacon, mixed greens, J&H fried egg & house made chips ...$15


BBQ Roasted Pork Belly- borracho beans & J&H s.s.u. egg ...$17


Steak & Eggs- potato haystack, wagyu beef, herb oil, & J&H s.s.u. eggs ...$17


Brunch Delux- maple bourbon glazed pork belly, two french toast cakes, two J&H s.s.u. eggs & smoked fingerlings ...$23




Baked Mac & Greens ...$6


Pimento Grits ...$6


Smoked Potato Hash ...$6





Goat Cheese Brownie – vanilla ice cream ...$8 


Triple Layer Carrot Cake – cream cheese icing...$8 

White Chocolate Rum Tile- nilla wafer crust, caramel & banana...$8