The menu draws inspiration from the best local ingredients available each season and changes regularly depending on produce offered by local farmers, small growers, ranchers and fishermen. The menu below is a sample menu, items are subject to change on a daily basis.





Chicharrones – avocado-tomatillo & house-made hot sauce...$6


Spreads & Breads – smokey pimento cheese, Texas field pea dip & roasted eggplant Bolsa ghanoush...$9


"BLT" Macarons – sourdough macaron, tomato mousse, charred romaine aioli, bacon jam...$12


Yellowtail Tuna   Texas watermelon, avacado, ginger soy, chili-pop rocks...$15


Beer Steamed Mussels   housemade chorizo, cilantro, lone star...$15


Texas Cheese Board – pachi pachi bolsa conuco, tomme de hood & argento capra...$16


Charcuterie Board – smoked duck breast, spanish chorizo, pork rillettes, texas black gold & house pickled vegetables...$18





Watermelon Gazpacho- smokey rock shrimp & kool lickels...$10


Texas Tomatoes  raw & cooked heirlooms, windy hill garlic, goat feta, mulcahy basil...$10


Fig & Pig - arugula, honey glazed pork belly, bbq spiced figs & bacon vinaigrette...$10


Spinach - peppered Texas peaches, apache blue, pecan puree & cider vinaigrette...$10





Red Wine Mushrooms  goat cheese mornay & green garlic...$14


Housemade Sausage – banana peppers...$14


Twig & Branch eden farms arugula, latte da chevre roasted grapes...$14


"T & T'  queso de mano, benton's bacon & Texas heirloom tomatoes...$14




House Ground Burger  sharp cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, house-made chips & salsa...$15

East Texas Farm Chicken Breast - confit thigh, porky collard greens & 10/20 sweet onion puree...$23

Fish And Grits  bbq spiced catfish, cheese grits & holy trinity slaw...$24

Windy Hill Goat Molé - stewed hominy, heriloom squash, mocha crema...$26

Sweet Potato Gnocchi - Texas succotash, guajillo corn sauce & eagle mountain's "lost vault"...$21

"Black & Yellow" - golden trout, yukon golds, black lentils & golden raisin chutney...$26

A Bar N Ranch Wagyu Flat Iron Steak - smokey creamer potatoes, watercress & marrow butter...$33

Berkshire Pork Duo - citrus-chile roasted shoulder, sugar glazed belly, corn puree & pickled cherries...$28 






White Chocolate Rum Tile - vanilla wafer crust, bruleed banana & toffee...$8

Triple Layer Carrot Cake - cream cheese icing, chocolate mint...$8

Goat Cheese Brownie - whipped cream & almond brittle...$8

Blackberry-Peach Crisp - mesquite studel, vanilla ice cream...$8

Dessert Platter - goat cheese brownie, rum tile, carrot cake & blackberry-peach crisp...$22

Texas Cheese Board - latte da argento capra, bolsa conuco & tomme de hood...$16

Dessert Wine - Some of that Red Texas Tawny...$9

                                         Susana Balbo late harvest Malbec...$10

                                         Jackson-Triggs vidal icewine...$12